Gary Leigh Brown

Gary and the Groove

Gary Leigh Brown guitar, sax, & vocals

The band, Gary and the Groove, plays clubs, private parties, country club events, weddings, and high school reunions in the Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania region.

The band can play good-time rock and roll from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s, plus a few from the '90s up to the present, or they can do an 80s show, or all fifties and/or sixties rock and roll show. For summertime, or a summertime feel, they have Motown, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley and Surf Music.

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Gary Leigh Brown acoustic solo

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Gary and the Christmas Groove playlist

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Gary and the Groove is a good time rock and roll band that wants the audience to have a great time, listening and dancing. (Back up singing from the audience is great too- just back up when you do it!)

The band is available with or without female vocalist. The price is therefore negotiable, and reasonable. (Gary also performs as a solo or as a duo with keyboard player/vocalist. Check here for Gary Leigh Brown, one man band:.)

The group consists of Gary on guitar, sax, and vocals, plus, a drummer, a keyboard player/vocalist (who plays keyboard bass with left hand), and female singer .


Gary and the Groove's Summer '60s Show

Classic songs and one-hit wonders from the mid 1960s Gary and the Groove take you to a place of innocence like a perfect day at a perfect beach, a space to relax, to refresh, to rejuvenate- where all is good, all is light- where it is always fun and we are forever young

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Gary and the Groove
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Gary and the Groove
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